Our Vision

We strive to be a community aware of God’s love; committed to share His love that we might grow together, caring for the spiritual and personal needs of each person to build harmony and good will in our community. 

In particular, we dedicate ourselves to:  Proclaiming  the Good News of God’s love throughout the local area especially by the example of our lives. Inviting  others to join our community of faith. Sanctifying  by encouraging all who belong to our community to grow in spirituality and wholeness. Transforming  our world so that justice, love and peace prevail. We acknowledge that a community following in the footsteps of Christ will be:     

  • Attractive   
  • Inclusive     
  • Hospitable 
  • Outward focussed

Attentive to the poor and marginalised and that each member of our community will have the opportunity: 

  • To discover/rediscover the Christian vocation that derives from Baptism. 
  • To sustain their efforts to live as Catholics who effectively transform society.  

Parish Council Chair: David Collie 

Secretary: Marsha Reilly

Hospitality committee  

Liturgy committee  

Faith education  

Rite of Christian initiation for Adults (RCIA)